74310 Haute Savoie – Roger Lambert

Roger Lambert

F – 74310 Haute Savoie

  • Géobiologue consultant du clinique naturopathique GEOVITAL Autriche.
  • Géobiologue scientifique certifié:  École Européenne de l’Énergie.
  • Expert en bio-environnement, géobiologue professionnel.
  • Biologiste du bâtiment,
  • Bioénergéticien méthode Acmos


Alchemist, craftsman and student of the evolution in all its forms, I was a stonemason for many years before reconverting towards my real passion: the subtle and sometimes not so subtle invisible energies that surround and penetrate through us.

Passionate about geobiology but frustrated that here in France geobiologists are still considered as something straight from the dark ages I was always looking for viable proven solutions to frequent problems that I came across and fortune brought me to the door of Geovital.

An eye opening training week at the academy in Austria brought me into contact with like-minded and knowledgeable people and introduced me to the products and solutions to mitigate many of the problems that I was trying to solve for my clients. I had the chance to meet and discuss electro-sensitivity with real sufferers and came to better understand the importance of shielding against this invisible but very real enemy that is EMF.

Whatever your project or problem might be, I am available to accompany you towards your goals of better health and a better environment in which to live.

To build, or to renovate a place to live in accordance with the environment and in accordance with oneself contributes to a healthy life and sustainable health.

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